Friday, April 22, 2011

Super blogger- not.

I always thought I'd be a super blogger.  I have tons of thoughts swimming 'round the ol' noggin and usually grab a pen and paper anyway. But- through this blogging experience- i realized that to a certain extent-blogging can be a wee bit tough.  For one,  I try not to write the creme de' la' creme of the personal thoughts.  For another, I sometimes just feel like jotting a line or two down, and I felt that wouldn't get bloggers interested in reading my blog- until I noticed that nearly a month has gone by since my last musing here or here.

A few days ago, I started to read The Pilgrimage,by Paulo Cuehlo.  I don't read his books too often because I get lost in them and then in my own head- comparing the tests and lessons.  And I started thinking- how foolish it was not to throw out the random line or two of thoughts or even---the unfinished post. So, I decided to be *daring today.

'Course, change isn't easy, I have 3 unfinished drafts that I'm not quite read to post- but may or may not force myself to. If I do, it will be completely out of chronological order with lots of "10 days ago but 3 days after" type of stuff.

So, I'm home, working on a project with a programmer who sits in India, and watching Mary Poppins on TV- who-highly respected nanny or not, she clearly didn't know that giving kids 'a spoonful of sugar' makes them hyper not sleepy. And with all the cannonballs shot by the pirate next door to where magical Ms. Poppins worked, breaking all their collectibles- it leads to the question- why didn't the family nail down or remove the fragile f#$%^^# knick knacks.  And, why didn't they complain to their local municipality about the damage and ruckus the cannonballs made? And why didn't Mary put a spell on the damn pirate to be nicer?
Uchhh. When sweet childhood movies annoy, it means turn them off until you have your own kids to watch fall under the magic spell and before you taint your own memories forever.

See- perhaps that was best left and unwritten thought? I'm tired and need to go for a run for an upper. But instead, here I sit online while my programmer moves at a snails pace at something I am rushing to complete.  So Mary it is. And perhaps a large glass of Brandy.....


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