Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oy Vey

I'm busy. Not super busy where I cannot breath- but definitely busy.  I'm creating a new user interface, re-brand and new site and marketing materials for the company I work for.  I have been here about 6 months and have learned a lot about certain technologies that before were only a logo I may have seen in passing.  It's a lot of information to wrap your mind around ad it has taken some time-  I have time to do it all- but since most of my life has been about work and building my own personal business plan and trying- unsuccessfully thus far- to find investors for a non tech product-I have created- It's all work and no play.  I go out of course with friends, dates etc- But it sometimes feels like too may things are unsettled and it's all on me.

And this last week has been super busy- I'm watching Oliver my former foster dog ( adopted by my neighbor) for the last week or so- as my friend's dad had to unexpectedly have a triple bypass in the UK.  Then Ruby hurt her leg and is on 7 days of bed rest and painkillers- I was instructed by my vet to carry her up and down the stairs but Ruby weighs nearly 40lbs and it would mean carrying her-in an awkward position up and down 3 flights of stairs, 3 times a day.  After one day- I was so sore-I was shocked at how weak my arms were. yikes.  So we are both walking up and down very slowly.  And- my fridge is having a slow and steady demise.  I see I have only a few days left before she gives up and I buy a new one.  Again I will need more movers. It's never ending here.

So basically 99% of my life is work, obligation and sleep.  The other 1% is fun.  Not a good balance. It's not so much hectic as the feeling that no matter what I do- nothing seems to go anywhere- That is the hardest part I think. Because it serves to make you feel like doing less, not more.  And I think doing more makes more happen. Sigh.  Lots to do.  I'll be happy when these major projects are live.  At least this week is the holiday-I get to be at home most days and work in a relaxed quiet way with music blasting. That's always more fun.  I'll get in some extra workouts- bc you can never be too rich or in shape enough (instead of too thin).  Ok boring post- but the blog is where I vent these days.

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