Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The dreamer in me

So, now that I have redone my living room- which feels so lovely and cozy, it's time for my bedroom.  Ideally, I'd love a romantic, luxe bed- something ethereal and oh so Anthropologie - I mean, this bed, I swear is sprinkled with fairy dust- literally (great photography)so lovely.

But, I will keep my bed for now. It is really nice. Thick dark wood, very square lines. Queen sized, natch. Best part is that I can pop the hood/pull up the mattress and underneath the bed is loads of storage space. So it is convenient for a thick, cozy sweater hoarder like me who never has enough closet space.

That said, I have these beautiful Indian/Moroccan sheets  I sometimes use which are lovely. They are sage and rust paisley patterns, with a touch of opulent gold- very winter. very lovely.

This is the only picture of the bedding I have. My sister, Chef Jessica took it a couple of years ago after I had much Brandy-so warm- and I am wearing my favorite shirt in the world, that I left in the States packed in a box -why dammit, why.

I also have some light blue sheets that are thick cotton. They look like hotel sheets(nice ones) with a dark brown thin strip running in a square around the duvet and shams. I use them more often because the thread count in a little lower so they don't wrinkle as much.

But, I need a change.  I love blues but have a special love for aqua and teal.  I'm pretty sure it's because as a Pisces (or as I prefer- Mermaid) I feel most serene when surrounded by water colors- even my tree is in a teal and green glazed pot.

But, I wanted an uber feminine jolt.

Rummaging through my online stash of design sites, I stumbled across this picture and fell in love.

 Can't remember what site I found this picture on, but when I do-I'll post a credit.  I adore the red velvet curtains, mauve fabric headboard, patterned wallpaper with a touch of blue and all the lovely little trinkets floating about.

Of course, I need to reinterpret to items I can find (and living in a country where the language and culture is secondary to my own, my entire life these last 5 years has been about reinterpretation- it does keep me spry though).

I found these amazing curtains to put up behind my head, cutting the dark thick wood and giving it a feminine twist. Added bonus- these are thick curtains and will stop my peeping Tom neighbors from...peeping in.

They are pink and red on a lite, flat velvet. Love.

Next, bedding.  I have off white/slightly cream walls in my rental that I am not allowed to paint over, not even to plain white. So walls are out.  I decided to go simple with stark white sheets and instead use my pillowcases and flat sheet for the spot of aqua. I found these amazing pillowcases- also from Anthro.  But, alas, the sheets are sold out- so I will make a mad dash for the pillowcases and stay with white sheets.

But now the hard part. Ruby, my little black wolf, sleeps with me on the bed.  I don't let her on my sheets or pillows so I usually have a bedspread over my own for her to sleep on.

I did find this luxe teal throw at a local shop Ginger (in Diz center and Neve Tzedek), but girlfriend Leticia, who has the same one in a fabulous fuchsia, warned me that the blanket sheds more than both Ruby and I combined. NG. Not good.

So, the quest for the perfect teal spread continues. Also means I cannot put up the new white bedding and curtains until this is solved or my white bed will be covered in black hair in no time.

Any suggestions?

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