Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vanilla Sky- another perspective

It might be everyone's perspective but it was on the other night and I kind of zoned out on it. I was thinking that the whole mess started when gorgeous, wealthy, privileged David (played by Tom Cruise and his luscious locks). Now the script is set up so we go through the story with him always feeling what he feels.

But what if we looked at it from another point of view?  Why does his life go awry to begin with and no, not just because Julie drove off the West Side Highway.  Because he had a fuck buddy (played fantastically by Cameron Diaz) who was in love with him. And he knew it. But he didn't care. He wanted what he wanted. If that meant sex with Julie at his convenience, so be it. When he met someone he really liked, he ditched her and hurt her, casting her off like an annoying fly, totally utterly worthless to him. He doesn't even bother inviting her to his birthday party-treating like nothing more than a hole.

The twist here- from karma's perspective is that Julie, is so hurt, so devastated, that she follows him taking home the stunning Sophia (Penelope Cruise). The thought of David with another woman destroys Julie so much so that she has a hysterical breakdown with David in the car and causes an accident to change the path of his entire life.  Now, we all know Julie G is batshit crazy in the accident scene. But does that exonerate David from being the likeable dick that he is?

He loves his playboy lifestyle that was handed to him on a silver platter along with the silver spoon in his mouth. He is callous,inconsiderate and downright annoying to the employees of his company and his board. He is rude to his friends and with a boyish smile, assumes all bad feelings are erased as quickly as he forgets about causes them.

Eventually, though the accident, he loses his looks, his ability to have any contribution to his family heirloom-the company, his beloved to be Sophia. All because, as gorgeous and likable as he is, he is really just a typical over-privileged jerk who doesn't give a rats ass about anyone else.

Now don't get me wrong, I cried my eyes out at the loss of a potential great love lost. I cannot deny that. But didn't he deserve it?