Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am closing out an email box of a position I am I go over old emails... I have come across several random ones that have me giggling out loud. Again....

Dear co-workers.

You know have new pirate names.

Tal is :Jelly Bones Gus
Nimrod is: Pirate Bart the Rum-Swiller
Ido is: Pirate Ted the Malformed
Daniela is: Pirate Lea the Periwinkle
Hadass is: Pirate Elanor the Infected

At least mine is sweet though...thanks Ginrod!

Brain f**t

Don't really like what I wrote- I'll edit it I guess. I am pretty busy today- I was up all night- working and Oliver drove me out of my mind whining and crying all night- Oh, Oliver is one of my foster dogs-I have 2 right now. Oliver - was a dog I found in Park Hayarkon...he was filthy, skinny and whining. I took him home, bathed him and fed him..then he slept for about 2 days straight...poor dog...ecch don't feel like writing more now-as I said I'm busy- finishing a boring and mundane freelance project that pays well for Israeli's more on Oliver and his whining he meantime- a gorgeous picture of Ruby-my pup and Rosie- my other foster Pup...and of course one of Oliver- the big beige dog....

Stupidity for the sake of annoyance.

I am the internal Vaad Bayit in my apartment building. Vaad Bayit is someone who is sort of like a super for the building... you pay the cleaner and the gardener and take care of miscellaneous building issues...Anyway- As a renter- I always make sure that the owners are never permitted to complain- I figure- if they cannot be bothered to keep their own building in good shape- they may not complain about anything-

Anyway- the building is an old school, Israeli style building. Square, on stilts and the "lobby" is made of round hollowed out stones that look like cells or a q-burt board game...4 floors...high and 16 apartments. Most of the renters are young couples and a couple of young singles.The rest are very old owners who have been living in there apartment for the last 30-40 years. Normally- the little old ladies are adorable and sweet and the one old man- even in his mid 80's is a pervert-seriously- he freaks me out. There is that one older or young old lady- in her late 60's with the awful dyed red hair who always complains...she is nice but super annoying...

This morning- As I leave my apartment- I see random paper towels all over the floor. From upstairs all the way down to the lobby. Ok- I thought- the cleaner comes tomorrow and I guess someone dropped something on the way downstairs...who knows...but this old eggplant haired neighbor looks up at me from a staircase down below and says in Hebrew- 'What are these?'. So I said- since they were obviously paper towels, "I don't know". So she said 'you weren't there?'. I replied 'no, I dont live in the staircase'.

The conversation continued on- just like that until I got to the door and made my escape. Why do people have to foolish for the sake of being annoying?