Monday, July 27, 2009


I am an all around, hard core animal lover. Every boyfriend I have ever had has either made fun of or been exasperated by my need to say hi to any animal I encounter on the street (except rats). I used to volunteer and socialize stray animals to help them reacclimate to people in order to get them adopted faster. After than, I became a foster home for puppies and small dogs (small because I don't have much upper body strength).

My 15th foster dog became Ruby. My little gem of a puppy. She is a mix of a Belgian Wolf and a Border Collie and she looks sleek, like a fox. She is a rich, deep black with a strip of pure white fur going down her front. Sometimes it looks like she drank milk and it dribbled down her chin.

She is naughty and sweet and loving and incredibly smart. She loves to play fetch and adores it even more if I am chasing after her. And she can run like the wind. Really. She is very lean and muscular like a swimmer, she looks smooth and effortless and elegant when she runs. I love watching her. And she smiles the entire time.

Her ears are enormous, not Dumbo enormous mind you, but certainly-like large, black, triangular satellites that are absolutely the best way for me to read her mood and thought process;

-"The flirt"- She has the ears all the way back and down when she is being submissive to other dogs or when she isn't sure a person will pet her but she really wants them to.

-"I was ignoring you but you now have my full attention" -She has her ears perk all the way up- for key words like 'out' and 'cookie'.

-"The Butch" -A special head tilt for when I say her boyfriends name 'Butch'. She perks up and starts looking around for him.

Recently- 'Red' was away for several weeks- she is Butch's mom. Butch is a big beautiful, very expressive, very demanding large white boxer. And yes, my little Ruby's man. She likes big dogs. And Ruby hasn't seen him in a long time. Last night, she jumped on me for cuddle time and I whispered to her- "where is Butch?" and I clearly saw her look at me with a side glance full of annoyance as if I was keeping her apart from him on purpose Romeo and Juliet style. She actually gave me a dirty look!